I am plum tuckered out! I spent a week visiting family. Well, I stayed with family in Gallatin, TN and spent the week with my #ForeverFamily at #CRSummitEast18. I signed up to help at the East Summit because it was being held right down the road from my in-laws’ home. I was all set to push buttons on power point. It turns out, that like pretty much everything else my agenda didn’t match up with God’s! I wound up running the front of the line at the Resource Store. I was the one who got to let folks know when they could go to the register and which “Merchandise Purchasing Host” would serve them. While they waited I got to tell “Dad Jokes” and make friends. I was in heaven. As I looked over at my darling wife I saw her walking in place. No way was I gonna get beaten, so I too began marching in place. At times I marched a bit fast. Over the course of Summit I logged right around a marathon distance in steps. Why do I tell you all of this? It’s simple- when I have an agenda I did so much less than when I just let go and see where God takes me. When it’s up to me I stand still, but when I give it over to God I can truly…

— Rise Up!!Skit Guys

Skit Guys

Darryl Strawberry

Forever Family
Forever Family

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