There is a Cloud

There is a tiny cloud on the horizon after years of no rain. That tiny cloud is given to me by my God to give me faith. Faith that the rains will come. Faith because I can’t make it rain. Faith because my ideas and my plans are limited to cups of water. But His plans make rain fall into streams, that become rivers, that become oceans.

In these weeks I give myself up to grieve for what I am letting go. In my weakness I am sad. But at the very same time, in these very same weeks I grab the new life that I’ve been given. And in my weakness He shows me the cloud.

Your cloud is out there. It may look different than mine, and that’s ok. God doesn’t need another me, He’s already got one. He wants a “you”. My cloud is filled with faces: with Bev, with Betty, with Dave, with Heather. My cloud is filled with Kayla, and Mark, and another Heather too. My cloud is filled with Phil, and Andrew, and Giselle. My cloud is filled with Ryan, and Christina, and Todd. My cloud is filled with so many people who have helped get to to this place and who will help get beyond. My cloud…your cloud…our storm, will help us to…

–Rise Up!!

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