I heard a thought from an author named Bob Goff this week. I’m paraphrasing from memory, but it went something like “Why do we get amazed when the God who surpasses all understanding does…?” I was just amazed at that. You might even say it messed me up #MessItUpPodcast. This happens to me a lot though. I’ll just be walking down the road worrying about problems then God happens. Bam! Not the way I would have done it, but doesn’t He always do it so much better than me anyhow? The Second Step is realize that I’m not in control. I’ve been doing these steps for over 15 years now, yet I still get messed up when I see the truth in it. I’m not in control, and when I try to be I make a mess of things. Right now God is kicking down doors like He’s in a Chuck Norris movie. I don’t need to get splinters. God will do the hard work. All I need to do is stride through the opening and smile. Oh yeah, and also…

–Rise Up!!

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