Last week was a bold week for your MoM. I’ve been working on several large ideas and praying on them hard. Well, last week God gave me answers and they were scary but exciting. Does that ever happened to you? I bet it does. Through the leading of a wise God and with the help of wise counsel from my Forever Family I decided that the best way for me to answer God’s call in my life was to step down from my job at the church in order to focus on ministry. That sounds a little funny, doesn’t it?

My big “concern” was about finances. How am I going to pay the bills? I’m about to give up money and then increase my spending in order to travel to do prison ministry. That doesn’t make sense. But then, neither does a virgin birth. Neither does a resurrection. Neither does creating the earth and all that is on it.

Neither does forgiving someone like me…

Faith doesn’t make sense. If it does, you might need more! This week I committed to “tithing” my hockey games and concerts. I know that if God has called me He will provide what I need. I may not get the wants in my life, but I will get the needs, and that will have to be enough. It was a difficult decision, but I have peace.

So beginning June 1 you may not see me at the old office much, but you can probably find me around town. Life is scary, but it’s also rewarding. If you want to be a small part of my ministry you can participate in any or all of the following ways:

1) Pray for me. I need wisdom, strength, and discernment.

2) Read and share the blog. Comments give me strength, so leave a few of those too!

3) Subscribe to the podcast on SoundCloud or iTunes. Search for Mess It Up or go to Rate the show and leave comments then share it.

4) Consider a recurring monthly gift for the ministry. $10 or $20 a month from just a few dozen people keeps the car going out to those prison facilities.

5) Pray some more.

I love you, Dear Reader. You give me encouragement that I need so that I can..

–Rise Up!!

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