(This one is for a lot of you dedicated readers, but a special thanks to Bob…)

I’m a child of the 80’s. For those of you old enough to remember I want to draw your attention back to a song by C+C Music Factory – “Things That Make You Go Hmmm”, all you youngsters can YouTube it! Anyhow, that song was not just catchy, but it turns out, thought provoking as well.

I’ve spent several weeks working on digging out of an emotional hole. There are holes everywhere, just waiting to grab me. After I fell in to this particular pit I was able to get out with the help of my phone list, my friends, a few shoulders, and a whole lot of Jesus. Holes are funny because a lot of times I don’t see them. Sometimes I see something and ether dismiss it as irrelevant or ignore it. Those are the holes, people! Now that I see that hole in my rear view mirror I’ve got a better idea of what pushed me into it, or more accurately, what pulled me in.  Don’t fool yourself, the garbage is from the pit.

Now I’m looking out the front windshield and seeing obstacles in the road. My choices: argue with the obstacle and hit it anyway; change course and miss the obstacle.

NEWS FLASH to the obstacles: YOU DON’T MATTER TO ME ANYMORE, YOU MISSED ME! because I have decided to…

–Rise Up!!

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