Living in a book

Do you ever feel like you’re living in a book? Sometimes life seems to be a mundane parade of days. Then there’s those times where all I can think is “This would be a great book if anyone believed it!” My friend just had that week. I told you a little about it last week but it didn’t quit on Monday.

I kept talking to PH during the week just to see how things were going. Turns out they were going nuts, but she was exactly the person for it all to happen to. Because she lives in the center of His will, He puts her in places and situations where He can shine. A few weeks back when I heard that she was going back to Missouri to speak I figured, wow, what a great opportunity for PH. After everything was said and done, it seems that the presentation and everything that I thought was cool and important played second fiddle to God again.

(Forgive me for stealing your thunder, because I know full well that you read this PH)

Picture dinner in a hotel. Single lady goes in and sits next to an empty table with a purse in the chair. Obviously another lady to sit near is safer than a man. When the owner of the purse returned PH found a truck driver who not only crossed the country, but also crossed dressed. I know that many people at a church convention would get all holy and let them know how wrong they were. Others might just finish their meal and leave without causing a scene. PH had a great discussion about her God . She showed love and compassion. She found the human and the humanity. That’s the thing I love about her, is that she is always ready to love a stranger. How Jesus is that?!?

You may have no idea what you are doing. You may have no idea where you are. But that’s all just fine, because all He needs from us, all He needs from you is to…

–Rise Up!!

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