My friend is headed to speak at a national convention this week. She’s an amazing pastor, an amazing leader, and an amazing friend. I’ve spent time with her over the past few weeks helping to polish her presentation. We looked at data and created a lot of fun graphics. It was a blast and she rocked all aspects of it.

Then today came: the first of several Big Days in this whole deal. It was get away day for her. I helped her get her boarding passes attached to her phone for easy travel through the airports. I helped her set up her phone so she could find it online if it got lost. I recommended a great hotel free airport parking. Everything was set for an awesome trip.

I got a text from her this afternoon asking about which hotel. We learned that she had made the reservation a day too early so tonight she had no room. I made a few calls and things eventually got sorted out. Well, by sorted out I mean we figured out the booking date mixup and that she was not getting any refund and she made another reservation for the night.

We did all of these things together, just like we walk together in Recovery. We are a Forever Family. But ultimately she’s going to get up on that stage in Missouri and kill it on her own. We help each other get to the tough spots, we even help each other get through, but in the end we need to do the work. I know that my friend was open to the help, but I also know that she is leaning on a God who can do wonderful things that far exceed any help I could ever offer. Whether we do it together or alone, we still need to…

–Rise Up!!

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