So this blog gets written from the road this week. This morning I dropped my wife off at LAX airport so that she could go to Hawaii. What a great way to have an anniversary! Well, I guess it would be great if we got to spend it together, but that’s not in the plans. You see, my son-in-law had a death in the family and he is a stay at home dad. It was less expensive to fly Grammy out to Hawaii to watch our grandson that it was for our daughter to take a week off from work. So Grammy is in Hawaii, and I am driving down the freeway headed home. Everything changes.

Being the adventure that I am, I thought about taking in a hockey game since I was in LA. It all seemed to be a perfect plan: tickets were cheap on the exchange sites, I was already in town, and I had nothing else to do. The fix was in! And then I realized that it would mean I had to spend about 10 hours alone in LA doing nothing. By myself. Did I mention that I hate to be alone? Anyhow, I also realized that I have been somewhat of a bad luck charm for the Kings when I go to games this year. We can’t afford to lose any more games before the playoffs, so I’ve decided to just go home and watch on TV. Everything changes!

In recovery and in life there are constantly changes in plans. Changes can be frustrating or they can offer an opportunity for a new reality. I need to learn to just roll with the changes and see what comes my way and remember to always…

–Rise up!!!

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