The Unexpected

I had a friend go to court today. No, wait, it was a good thing. Several years ago their life had spun out of control and was headed for disaster. With time, sober living, and a whole lot of Jesus this walking wreck is now a model of redemption.

I had a talk with them last week and they said that they were taking their daughter with them to court this morning. They weren’t sure exactly what was going to happen, but they just wanted to make sure that some family was their in case things went south. You see, they have never had a “happy” outcome in court before. The only question they would have going in those doors is “How much time and money will this cost me this time?”

Today was different. Today the intention was to have several felonies reduced. This is a daunting task, and with a rap sheet like theirs it certainly wasn’t guaranteed. We’ve all seen the changes that have happened over the past couple of years, but that’s because we believe in them and see them on a daily basis. What would a judge think of this redemption story? Would they scoff that a one time drug addict could now be a functioning member of society with great things to offer? Last week they joked that they just hoped that they wouldn’t be taken back into custody.

I got the text just a bit ago. All charges reduced, and like to be expunged! Three years ago this person wore the uniform of an inmate. They had no real relationship with their kids. There was no job on the horizon and clean time was more of a joke than a reality.

Jesus is kind of a cool guy! Three kids now have a strong relationship with their lost parent. An employer has a trusted and reliable employee. I have a dear and true friend. We hear that Jesus will leave the 99 to find the one. It is so true. It was so worth it. And I am so glad that he did. Watching my friend reminds that I too can…

–Rise Up!!

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