It doesn’t happen often in Ridgecrest, but this Sunday it did: we had fog!

I came in to church early in the morning. Being the first day of Daylight Savings Time the sun was just brimming on the horizon at 6:30. We had rain the day before, so everything was wet and clean. Driving in for worship practice I needed to turn the de-fogger on in my car, but the skies were as clear as they were clean.

My normal routine is to get myself set up to play our worship set then to get a cup of coffee. After a short night, I decided to adjust my schedule and went for coffee first. I was the first person on campus and had the typical worries of people missing the time change so when I heard someone opening the outside gate I went to see who was showing up. The first thing I saw was not a person but rather, a bank of fog that had settled in. Being a desert dweller I went out and reveled in it for a bit. Fog fascinates me. There’s a quiet in the fog. Sight is deprived so the other senses take over. I don’t have a lot of experience with fog, but I know that high beams on the road will just reflect back and blind me.

Fog sometimes clouds my mind and life. The other senses take over then as well. High beams are a killer here too. When things crowd in on my brain my desire is to turn on the brightest lights so that I can see. I need to remember to just slow down and keep it simple. By focusing on what is in front of me I can navigate my way through. I need to process what is immediate and let the future arrive when it does. At times I need to look down so that I can focus on the ground at my feet and move step by step. Sometimes I need to put my head down so that I can…

–Rise Up!!

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