This weekend I make a trip I hadn’t taken in just over 16 years. I went to prison.

I’ve been trying to get involved in prison ministry since I got out on Feb 19 of 2002. It’s been a tough trial of rejection because of my past. The miracle came through about a month ago when a facility decided to accept me. I was ecstatic. Then reality set in…

I made the long drive across the desert to “local” institution. That ol’ enemy was working on me overtime. They will reject you at the gate. They will tell you they canceled the program. Someone will find you online and shank you. SHUT UP!!!

When I got in for my orientation training I was a bundle of nerves. I wasn’t sure just what to expect. Four hours later the rubber hit the road and I opted to go on a tour of the facility. Clanging doors. Lines on the corridor floors. Guards. Uniforms. Day rooms. Everything crashed in on me in a sensory overload. Acid floors my stomach and adrenaline courses through my veins. It was hard.

Then God…

It was beautiful to see that I was about to be an angel to some of these men. I know how much they meant to me when I was one of the ones spending the night instead of just the day. I got this, because HE got this. I can’t wait to show them how they will…

–Rise Up!!

9 thoughts on “Slam

  1. So excited that you are getting this opportunity at last! I know God will make the most of your time there for the sake of those you meet and minister to. You will definitely show them how to rise up!

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