I was not alone in watching the Super Bowl last night. Despite the “fake news” from DC about people not watching the NFL this was the 9th highest rated Super Bowl broadcast. Being a Steelers fan I was decidedly against the Patriots. I just don’t like those guys. There are lots of reasons, but if I honest one of them is probably because they are so good at what they’ve done for the past decade and a half. My level of disdain lead me to act in ways that resemble the way a lot of people view people in recovery.

It seems like we love an underdog until they dog well, then we want to take them down brick by brick. An underdog who does well is often re-branded in a negative light. And heaven help the underdog who achieves then fails…it is rare to come back from that. That is where I feel myself a lot of the time. People like to write the script and guess the ending. (All night I was trying to predict if it was a Tide ad!) I have come to accept that people are going to try to write my script based on a few major plot twists from my past. They say that beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone. Those ugly events from my past are the thing that people tend to expect from me now.

The Patriots always come back when they are down. The Eagles can’t win the big game, they’re just losers. But as I read the papers this morning I see that the parade is scheduled for Broad Street not Boston Common.The Eagles did what I preach here all the time. Let’s follow their lead and…

–Rise Up!!

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