I Don’t Know Jesus…

Recently I was sitting in a group of men. As we introduced ourselves we started with the standard CR intro of “I’m a grateful Christian believer who struggles with…” Then one person borrowed (and slightly changed) a line from Ghost Busters. He said “I don’t know Jesus, but I like his style.” That thought has been rattling around in my head for a couple of weeks now.

The only way that people will know Jesus’ style is to know something about Jesus, ergo, if they know me and I know Jesus they will get some kind of impression about Jesus through my walk. Now just because this happens does not mean that I am the best example of Jesus to be found, but that doesn’t matter. People know that I am a Christian and they will naturally make assumptions about Jesus when they watch me. So what kind of Jesus am I representing? What do they think about Jesus when they see the fish on my car driving down the road? Is he a selfish rule-breaker? Does he know how to use a blinker (both on AND off!)? Does my T-Shirt with the clever pun make them want to know my savior or does my sarcasm and behavior repel them? When people look at me, will they like Jesus’ style or will they want him to go away as fast as possible?

If the goal is to win people for Christ and the only thing I do is open the doors on Friday night and Sunday morning there’s a really good chance that I am delusional about my walk, mission, and call. Whatever you think your calling is is up to you and God. I can’t say what you were called to do, but I know clearly what we are told to do and that is to go into all the nations and bring those folks the Good News. There are plenty of folks who will bash them over the head with their stupid picket sign. Let’s be the Jesus that loves people. Let’s show them that we can…

–Rise Up!!

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