Mirror Ball

So last week I wrote about the upcoming holiday. That means that today I should probably reflect back on the week that was. Sometimes looking into a mirror gives a clear picture of where I’ve been. This week feels a bit like a disco ball: lots of reflections but hard to really see an image.

I had so many blessings last week it is difficult to boil them down to just a simple blog post, so I am going to try to focus on just two events.

I have a very close friend who got some really devastating news about a family member this week. This friend is a person that I have know for almost ten years. We share no DNA, but she is a sister to me. Even though we may go weeks or sometimes months without seeing each other, the connection is unbreakable. So when she hurts, I hurt, and right now she is hurting.

I have another “sister” who brought a powerful word in church this Sunday. This woman is my friend, my pastor,and my hero. She’s a survivor of cancer several times over. She served in two branches of the military. She has TWO sets of twins. The woman is a dynamo! She spoke this weekend on the idea of people saying “God will never go you more than you can handle.” Sounds great, huh? It’s a real charmer to throw out there when bad things happen to people. The problem is, as she pointed out, that God didn’t actually say that. It was a great message and was truly inspiring. As I listened I kept hearing the end of each week’s blog ringing in my mind – Rise Up. It’s how we get through. But it is important to recognize that we do it THROUGH Christ our Lord.

So I’m going to wrap this up now. I need to go to the hospital and sit with my sister KayKay. I don’t have magic words. I don’t have a magic wand. I just have me. And Jesus. And with all of that we will sit together and wipe the tears from each other’s eyes as we…

–Rise Up!!

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