Blessings and Thanks

So here it is Thanksgiving week again in America. A lot of us are about to bake a turkey and make too much food. There will be football on TV and families in the house. For a lot of us this is the idea and for the blessed among us it will come to fruition. While Norman Rockwell paints a nice picture, he doesn’t represent everyone.

I have no idea what next Monday will look like other than me sitting at this same keyboard pondering what to write based on the week that is closest in my mirror. There may be family drama, there may be redemption stories, there may be images of me falling with a plate of food!

I’ve spent Thanksgiving day far with family, I’ve been with extended groups that had over 70 people gathered around several tables, I’ve spent the day in jail with a bologna sandwich and 31 other inmates wearing matching brown outfits. It’s hard not to place extra importance on our holidays, yet when you boil everything down, the day is not as important as the concept and feeling associated with it. We can give thanks on any day. They did it last month in Canada and honestly, aren’t they pretty much the same as us, eh? I should be thankful everyday. The reasons are there. As always, it ultimately rests on me to decide how to interpret the world and the actions of others. A friend once said to me “love assumes the best”. It’s true. I can never really be sure why the person at dinner said what they said. Perhaps they meant PHAT and not fat! So I am going to put on my positive clothes and look for the blessings wherever they may lie. And even though I will overeat and want to take a nap somewhere, I will remember to …

–Rise Up!!

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