Anticipation is a crazy thing. I’ve spent the past several days in anticipation of my beloved Dodgers playing in the World Series. I’ve waited 29 years and this seemed to be our year. Everything leaned in our favor and now, as I write we have our proverbial backs against the wall in a pivotal Game 6.

My grandson was waiting for Halloween to go out on the great American candy grab only to wake up with a fever and upset stomach.

Anticipation is a crazy thing. And what is coming next?!? We simply do not know. So what do I do about that? I go about my day and look for the best. I find whatever small morsel of hope that can be found and I savor it. It might be an unexpected text from a friend. It might be a hug when you are down. It might be the sun coming up in the morning, just like it did the day before. I don’t know what it will be or from where it will come, but I know it is there somewhere. Keep looking for it and it just might help you to

–Rise Up!!

4 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. When I left Hialeah in 1970 to enter the Air Force, I lost track of many friends that treated me more special than I deserved. Throughout the years I began to reconnect with friends from my youth and I enjoyed learning what had become of their lives. One such friend that I have wondered about is Beverly Keegan. She drove me to high school my senior year and I don’t recall expressing my gratitude.
    I have enjoyed your blog and am watching game six of the World Series as your Dodgers took the lead.
    I hope that I have contacted you. I have several reasons why I think I have succeeded. I hope to hear from you.


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