Blue Heaven on Earth

Life is full of surprises. On Monday my plans for Sunday included church, football, and watching guys turn left at 200 MHP. What actually happened was I took my grandson to his first baseball game.

My friend Don dropped by the RCA go! Studios during the week and brought me not just free baseball tickets, but parking a pass as well. When God gives, He gives big!

The game was great, but it was really nice to get to spend time with Dave and Luc before they move to Hawaii next month. Watching the wonder on Luc’s face when he saw how big the stadium was just thrilled me. Hearing him giggle with joy when he got to participate in “The Wave” was fantastic. Getting to go on the field and run the bases at Dodger Stadium brought out the kid in me.

These last few weeks with the kids before they move have not always been easy. It is difficult to say goodbye, yet like I said, God does it big! Not only did I get free baseball, but I got three surprise visits on Friday. I called it Special K because the visits were from Kallie, Kayla, and Kayleigh. I had no idea that any of them were coming to Ridgecrest, then one by one they showed up. It was fantastic. God just knew that I’d need the emotional boost and He gave it. He will always help me to…

–Rise Up!!


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