Christmas in September

Christmas is a fun time of year. We get to sing the songs, open the gifts, see the family. All of those things are great. Oh yeah, there’s also that whole Jesus thing.

This past week felt a little bit like Christmas in September. Last year at Christmas one of my daughters gave me tickets to see Eric Clapton. The concert got postponed due to an illness so we finally got to go last week. My daughter knows me pretty well, so when she found out that my favorite singer (Sammy Hagar) was also in town this week she decided to buy me tickets for that show as well. “It’s an early Christmas gift” she said. Wow, two years of Christmas wrapped into just three short days. Awesome!!!

And just when I thought it was all over until December, I got a text at church on Sunday morning asking about worship. This led to me worshiping with my pal over FaceTime. I tell you what, if Christmas is gonna have any game this year, it better start stretching and running drills, because Christmas in September has been fantastic. I guess it is just a good reminder that I shouldn’t wait for a specific day on a calendar to love my friends and family, or to give someone a gift, or to sing songs. I’m going to keep on having Christmas in September. Then I think I’ll have some in October as well. Probably fit some in during November too. I think I’ll just…

–Rise Up!!

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