Last Week Today…

If you are a regular reader of this blog you may remember that I borrowed John Oliver’s “And Now This…” as a writing concept. Well, back to the same source for this one. Sometimes it’s a good idea to just stop and look at what just happened. I write on Monday mornings so I am not ever really certain what the rest of the day, and certainly the week, will hold for me. Monday morning was outstanding. I pointed everyone to my new Facebook alias. Shortly after publishing I had to update it because that one, too, was obliterated. Then it happened again after lunch. I was getting more and more determined not to give up…or so I thought. What I was actually doing was putting my faith, hope, and measure of success in a silly website. It was consuming my day. I was beginning to let it control my emotions. So after recognizing it I shifted my focus.

I often let myself be driven by statistics and feedback. After lunch I checked my blog stats and found that I had double my previous daily high mark for views. Pretty nifty. Then I tried to figure out how I could get more and a new god shoved its way into my mind. That god had an ugly voice and used fear as a weapon. Its voice said, “No one else is reading because you don’t matter.” It told me that I couldn’t get more readers because of my Facebook status. It told me lies. As the lies piled up it got harder and harder to ignore them. Then my real God took charge.

I was sent visitors who came and listened. They cared. It was great, I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a little pity party, right?!? Then they did the surprising thing, they loved me. Yeah, but not how I wanted. They told me to get my head screwed on straight (my words; they were actually sweeter than that). I could see that I was chasing the wrong things and not listening to the voice of God. It was amazing, and like I said, I KNEW that I knew that they loved me! By the end of the night I had actually started my book. God has put several people in my life who had guided me to a place where the noise of life gets quiet and the peace of God can wash over me in floods. After sixteen years of plans for a book I finally have my first words written. I realize that the enemy will do everything possible to silence my voice, but I will not stand down.

Thanks for your support in reading this blog and I trust that you will read the book when it is finished. Thanks for sharing it with people so that I don’t feel like a crazy person howling at the digital moon. Thanks for the love. And to those visitors (you know who you are), thanks for the encouragement. You have all helped me to…

–Rise Up!!

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