A Small Cloud

In 1 Kings 18 we read about the weather, but more importantly we read about the whether! The prophet Elijah had told the people that God would bring a mighty rain and they laughed. Elijah was always going contrary to the world around him. He faced down 450 prophets for Baal in order to end the three year drought. Keep in mind this is thousands of years ago before that Doppler 5000 satellite imaging was perfected on the evening news. This was one man and his god seeing an end to a pattern that seemed to have no end. But before there was rain there was fire and purification, then rain brought cleansing and life. It started with one small cloud in the distance and ended with the prophet outrunning his servant in a chariot to find shelter!

I have been in the desert before. I’ve lived in the drought. But God has provided my fire and purified me from the things of my past even as many of my “offerings” were being burnt. Then he sent my one small cloud. Then the torrents of blessing and life. What does that one small cloud look like in your life? Is it a person? For me, there have been several clouds. They have gathered in my life when all of the evidence suggested that there would be no clouds. Then they joined together and made the rains fall.

If it’s dry, pray for clouds. Look for clouds. Celebrate clouds! Dance in the rain! and…

–Rise Up!!

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