What is Happening?!?

I am learning that things don't always go as I had planned. Flights arrive late. Things break. Sometimes we read calendars wrong.
Today it's the calendar. I had arranged to take a person to a doctors appointment out of town this morning. As I was backing out of the driveway he called to say that there was a surprise 31 on the calendar. He thought today was the first. Now I am no longer able to help him out due to my own calendar. You see when he asked for the ride he asked about Monday, not about the 1st. He knew he needed the first but forgot about the whole "30 days hath September…" poem. I knew that I was booked all day Tuesday. We both thought we had things worked out, but because of a communication hiccup (actually hiccough, but that's for my Grammar Police blog!) our plans did not come to fruition.
And that, my dear readers, is life. We need to roll with the waves and keep ourselves as steady as we can. It is what it is and all that good stuff. It turns out he is able to rent a vehicle because of a surprise financial windfall. God has it all in his hands even when I can't see it.
-Rise Up!!!

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