TSA and Prayer

There are so many things in a week that I could write about. It seems like every time I experience something someone will ask "is that going to be your blog this week?" The truth is I'm never really sure what will make the blog on a weekly basis. This week I've been all over the place meeting all sorts of new people. It's tough to decide who makes the blog and who does not. For that reason I am starting a new blog devoted to the people I meet. You can find it at PeopleIJustMet.wordpress.com. For now we take the bookends and write a blog to fill the gap.

This week I took a trip to see my youngest get "Pinned" at her PA school. This pin signifies that she will be able to go into the various clinics in her year of rotations. It's very exciting and being the proud dad that I am, I wouldn't miss it for the world. As I walked up to the ticketing kiosk at the airport I reached for my wallet only to find pocket lint. My heart sank and I presumed that I would miss my flight. The ticketing agent assured me that we could find a solution and sent me up to the TSA checking where I met Billy. As I was taken through a series of trivia questions based on my own life I nervously answered each question hoping beyond hope not to make a blunder and not be able to board my flight on time. It's crazy how a guy who loves trivia can get so fretful when I know ALL of the answers. Billy kept checking with a person in the other end of the phone who kept digging deeper into my life: What's your address? what are the last 4 digits of your mobile phone? What are the last four of your social security? What kind of car do you own? Yikes!!!! Once I had run that gauntlet to the satisfaction of  what I can only presume was a representative of "the government" typing into the Big Brother Computer I was escorted to the search area. A new agent walked me through the most thorough frisking of my life. The fun thing is that we all laughed and joked and made a fun experience from what could have easily been made into a nightmare. Thanks for keeping the skies safe!

Now we skip though all of my adventures with food, soccer, and strangers in Portland. Check the new blog for more on that. As I was driving tonight I got a text from a friend who asked me to pray. I pray a lot…heck I work for a church, so of course I get asked to pray. It can become so easy to diminish this request and just say "Sure, I'll pray for you." then just go about the rest of my day. But this person took the time to ask me to pray. So I did. Right then as I was driving and trying to act like I was listening to my wife I was praying for my friend. It wasn't a burden, but an honor. People need us. People need you. When you get the ask, go ahead and press pause so that you can intercede. The rewards are amazing. You know who you are; thanks for asking me. Now go read the new blog, share with friends, and…

–Rise Up!!!

2 thoughts on “TSA and Prayer

  1. “People need us. People need you” That is such a true statement! I haven’t gone thru the TSA shake down for awhile, however, they need love too.

    To me, praying for others has various benefits:
    1) speed dial to the my dad
    2) intercession for the other guy
    3) a calming of my spirit to talk to my dad on whats going on. He likes when I call, regardless of the time of day.

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