I’ve got a yard that needs work. A few months ago we decided to take advantage of the “Cash for Grass” program from the local water company. I know, it doesn’t really sound good that the CR Guy is getting “Cash for Grass”, right?!? Anyhow, they will give us money to replace our grass with a more drought resistant yard treatment, so we have until mid-September to complete the project. True to self, I have put it off as much as possible. Enter the “Allen Boys”…

You probably remember reading about my trip to the theater last week, well the folks that went to the play heard about my yard “dilemma”. So on the first day off I was pleased to find that Jason and Brendan were ready to rock and roll in my yard at 6am!

A few hours, bottles of water, and truckloads of plant trimmings to the dump later my yard is ready for Phase 2.

So often I let things build up in my mind to the point that they become insurmountable tasks instead of a few fun hours with a friend or two. It might be yard work; it might be fixing a broken car; it might be working that 4th Step or doing an amends. It’s all a bit easier and nicer with a friend who’s willing to help. Don’t isolate yourself and remember to…

–Rise Up

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