Let’s Go Crazy!

I remember the first time I heard the song “Let’s Go Crazy”. I was listening to the radio on my very first Walkman on Waikiki Beach. I was a dedicated metal head and was decidedly not a fan of this band Prince and the Revolution. Then I heard him cut loose on the guitar solo and everything changed. My eyes were opened to whole new worlds. It was good! It can be super ease to make a snap judgement based on our personal feelings or on a first impression, but that is so often completely unfair. By taking the time to listen to what was going on with the music instead of what the musician looked like I was able to find great joy. Last week I finally got to see them live (without Prince, of course). Suffice to say: mind – blown! (That’s Wendy playing along with guest vocalists Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler)IMG_5179

So that was my Friday. Then Saturday we drove back down to LA¬† to see Jersey Boys. It’s always fun to go to the theater, but you should know that I’m always looking for an opportunity to add some punch to the moment. Enter Cindy…


I saw Cindy coming and immediately noticed the birthday badge pinned to her. Now, I love me some birthday fun, so I decided to follow Prince’s advice and go crazy. I introduced her to the Mezzanine as “The Birthday Girl” because I didn’t know her name yet. I posed for pictures. I even got the Mezzanine (and a large part of the floor as well) to sing “Happy Birthday” to her. We had fun because we didn’t let a little thing like not knowing each other stand in the way. Sometimes you need to just cut loose and go crazy.

And of course…

–Rise Up!!

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