Joe Walsh

Whaaaaaat?!? I’ll tie it in later.

This week I had a lot of fun experiences that made me think “I’ll blog on that this week”. I even told two DIFFERENT people “I’m gonna put this in my blog this week”. Yikes. What do you do when things are going well? This week I saw friends I hadn’t seen in months. I took road trips with people (which I love). I went to the beach, I went to concerts, I met celebrities. I got my very first celebrity re-tweet (from Mac Powell of Third Day!!!). After I finish this I’m meeting a friend from Texas for breakfast that I haven’t seen for the better part of a year. It was and is a good week.

You can never really be sure what will happen in life. Sometimes things seem to line up against me, and sometimes I’m the pied piper. I suppose you (I) always need to be ready to find the good. For instance: we were walking around Morro Bay with friends and my wife decided to look around in a shop. No big deal, kill a little time, fine by me. But then she kept looking longer than I was prepared for. What do I do? I’ve got lots of choices. I decide to start chatting with the clerk and sharing from our lives. You know, spread a little Jesus on the situation. We had a blast and even took some pics. BTW, if you’re ever in Morro Bay stop in at Wavelengths Surf Shop and say hello, they are great people!

The good times and things are out there waiting to be found. Life’s Been Good to Me So Far. Before you fall down…

–Rise Up!!!IMG_4898

Me, Kallie, and our new friend at Wavelengths

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