The Road

I am driving and dictating as this blog gets written today. It feels like I spend a lot of time on the road. I guess that’s because I do. There are only a few roads that lead out of our remote desert town. So you might think there aren’t many places to go.

Sometimes the road takes me shopping, sometimes the road takes me to a show, sometimes the road just takes me. Even when I go to the same place the circumstances and events are different. 

On my Recovery Road I have traveled the same miles countless times (well, I suppose I could count them but who has that kind of time and energy). Even when I have my course mapped out I often hit “traffic”. In my car, the lady who lives in the GPS is always kind enough to suggest an alternate route. In recovery that GPS lady is my Sponsor, Accountability Partners, and my Forever Family. I think I know where I’m going but I need to trust them to give me information I have not yet considered. Like the the lady who lives in the GPS these people only have influence as far as I allow it. Ultimately, the decisions I make are up to me and me alone. Will I course-correct? Will I sit in traffic? Will I arrive on time? Will I even get there? Or will I …

–Rise Up!!

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