I watched videos online this week as one of my friends streamed from the U2 concert (that they DIDN’T take me to!) at the Rose Bowl. I’ve always loved the song “One”.

OK, slight shift…One of my Friday Night Regulars was gone this week. They were visiting a facility in LA that meets the needs of a huge number and variety of people. She was going there as an act of obedience. From the day I met her, I knew that helping others through Christ was her calling. I spent parts of the week looking at the pictures she was posting and I was super excited to hear about her experience. So over morning coffee in the office today she shared about her trip.

With so many different things to share it can be difficult to refine a trip down to a single idea, but she did. She talked about putting her vision into action here in our little desert hamlet. There are always nay sayers who frown on projects because of small numbers but she shot them down in advance with this simple thought: I only need to reach one person. She is so right. if we all reach just one, we will make a huge dent. If we reach a different one, the impact will be that much bigger.

So let’s go out “Where the Streets Have No Name” and find our “One”!

-Rise Up!!

2 thoughts on “One…

  1. Loving people!! That is what he has called us each to do. Jesus loved everybody… one at a time he helped them. People started believing and following. We are made in his image so rise up and reach one. Thank you minister of mocha. You give my dreams hope!

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