Going, Going, Gone!

Saturday I was blessed to be taken to see the Dodgers play the Phillies at Blue Heaven on Earth (aka Dodger Stadium). I love baseball and especially the Dodgers, so I jumped at the opportunity. Before my buddy Don and I hopped in the car and headed down the road for our day of adventure I decided to take advantage of cheap drinks at McDonald’s. The price was right, but this short side took almost 20 minutes! Things don’t always go as planned or hoped for.

Don had a restaurant picked out in Burbank. He promised that it served AMAZING sandwiches, so I was all in. The only problem was that it was not open on Saturdays. Bummer! Things don’t always go as planned or hoped for. And then as we drove, thinking about what would work in lieu of our original dream, we got a call from Don’s boss who did some research and discovered that the sandwich shop was indeed open. Boom! They did not disappoint.

Next stop, Dodger Stadium. We got a great parking spot, arrived in time to get bobble head dolls, walked around the stadium taking in the aura, then took our seats to soak it all in. After an early home run from the lead off batter, we settled in with the anticipation of a fun night, but….Things don’t always go as planned or hoped for.

The Phillies matched our scored then continued to add to their tally. The only excitement for Don and I was the “Wave” and a kerfuffle that broke out between some of the more rowdy guests in our section. Even when our Boys in Blue staged a brief rally, the Phillies popped our balloons by scoring in the next frame. The only thing left was rally caps in the ninth and fighting traffic on the way out of Chavez Ravine. No matter what, Don and I DO NOT leave the game early! Things don’t always go as planned or hoped for.

Then it happened. One crack of the bat and a few second non-stop flight to the outfield Pavilion and we had a little excitement. Not a win, but at least a little fun before we left and the feeling of doing some good with our rally caps. Before we could sit back down the next batter book a similar flight, only this time the ball visited the right field “Fair Pole”. Two in a row! If two is good, three is better. The very next batter put one almost at our feet out in left field. Three in a row and a tie game! Three batters later A Gon hit a ball off two players that made it past the infield dirt and scored the winning run. Things don’t always go as planned or hoped for. Never give up people. Wear your rally cap and…

–Rise Up!!dodger win copy

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