I had the privilege of hearing my friend Mark preach this weekend. As he was speaking my mind began painting a picture. I’m sure I can’t do it justice, but hopefully you will be able to get my drift here.

I saw myself standing in a large open area. The ground was dirt and I was virtually alone except for one other person. All around me were large rocks and stones, baseball sized and larger. The rocks were strewn about in a strange pattern, sort of in waves around me.

Just me, dirt, some rocks, a well, and my Jesus…

“Go and sin no more.” is the simple reproach that I’ve been given. No condemnation. No castigation. No confrontation. Just a hug and some advice. And that’s exactly what he provides for all of us. It’s really not that difficult to understand. So watch your step; don’t stub your toe on a stone; and…

-Rise Up!!!

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