What’s New?



I don’t know. I’m sitting this morning drinking a cup of Starbucks Sumatra, thinking about recovery, and writing to 10 or so of my favorite people (that would be you!). But today my surroundings have changed. I am riding shotgun with a friend who has a meeting out of town so I find myself in beautiful (?) Victorville. The Sumatra is from a Clover and is exquisite. Sometimes just a slight change in a routine can make a difference. I am learning, but have not come close to mastering, the idea that I need to try to walk around my own room and change my perspective. I get pretty frustrated and defeated by doing life every day. It’s a daunting task just getting up in the morning sometimes. 

But for today, I have bright sunshine, I got to coffee geek with a great Coffee Master, I have a fantastic cup of coffee, and I’ve got you. Thanks for reading. 

-Rise Up!!

2 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. Yessir! I must remind my self to “Shake It Up!”
    When I am not moving forward, I must refresh my memory of what the definition of insanity is… and do something different!!

    Love you Wise Bro!!


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