I taught this past Friday night on expectations. We need to have things that we expect as we move through life and recovery. This blog finds me writing in another state and town, but with the same issues and thoughts I always carry. As I made the long trek through the desert with a trusted friend and mentor we talked and talked about many things. As is often the case the conversation began with “Can this be a CR car?” Of course that meant a certain level of anonymity, so I can’t really share much.

But the conversation really made me think about what my expectations are and what they should include. As I look to the future and consider I realize that I need to look beyond what I have done and embrace what I will do. My fear is always that I need to hide in the present because of the anchor that is my past. I allow myself to be limited by the small-mindedness of people who cannot truly embrace grace and forgiveness. We are rapidly approaching the season of Easter; a time that calls for us to see the humility of perfection as it carved the heart of an evil people to reveal love. For too long I have accepted my role as the embarrassment. For too long I have allowed others to keep my light in a shadow because of fear. For too long I have acquiesced to the easy path that kept me in the background. For too long I have agreed to play a diminished role so that the hardened hearts of the masses might not be offended. 

Today I leave the safety of the shadows. Today I reject the opinion that my story is good enough for the sinners, but too difficult for the rest. Today I stand in the light of a savior rather than the darkness of my enemy. Today I Rise Up!!!

If you read this and it moves you to help someone, please share it. If you read this and it causes you to think, please let me know. If you feel compelled to act, find someone who has been beaten down because of their past and let them know that you love them, then let someone else know that you love that person. There are far too many people who stand in the darkness waiting to find love.  Make a difference. Join with me

-Rise Up!!!

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