How are You Doing?

That is a question that gets tossed around all the time. People frequently say it in lieu of “Hello”. I think that it is probably one of the most misused or misunderstood questions of our time. My guess is that most of the time someone asks me, they really don’t want the answer, they’re just making mindless chatter…

So how should I answer when they ask? That’s a tough one because there are so many variables involved. I was asked the question this Sunday and I paused too long before I gave a stock answer of “Alright”. The asker read into the pause that I really wasn’t quite truthful. They came back with an inquiry about my “perma-smile”. They were correct. I was just trying to make it through without getting too in-depth about my issues at that moment.

Sometimes I use the “self fulfilling prophecy” approach and just claim to be doing great, then do my best to be great. Sometimes I give a banal answer and move along. Sometimes I drop a truth-bomb in the middle of the conversation. It’s a delicate balancing act for me between honesty and denial; between hope and despair. If I am not honest, I find that denial encroaches in my life, but if I am “too honest” I can sometimes lose traction with my optimism and slide into depression. Neither is healthy and neither helps. So for now I’ll just say that I am alive and kicking, so don’t stand too close. Oh, and…

-Rise Up!!

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