Collection Time

I heard the phrase “collection time” this week. The person was referring to the time that they allow themselves to get grounded and focused on the important things in their life. I think that this is a fabulous concept. It seems like a great use of time and a super tool in recovery.

The more I thought about it, the more it made me look at the changes that have taken place as I continue to go through the process of recovery. I’m a firm believer that a “One Step” recovery can happen; that God can just change a person instantly. But my experience has been that most of us need to put in some time and effort to stay “clean” and that is why I prefer a “Twelve Step” recovery. I heard it put this way once, “Believe that God can change everything and act as if He won’t.” The simple lesson is that we sit in the Director’s chair so we call the shots. I NEED to do some tough work to change my life.

That’s where we get back to collection time. Before, collection time was me gathering the implements and elements of my addictions. Now instead of collecting stuff, I collect myself. Life is getting better all the time.

-Rise Up!!!

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