Not Enough

Every Sunday night for the past several and next several weeks we have been participating in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University at our church. It has been quite an experience. It’s like recovery, but for finances. Even the ups and downs of emotion are just the same!

As we began we got all excited about the possibility of a “new financial you”. Then as we worked through the process we got discouraged by reality and the amount of time it can take to undo all of the damage that we’ve done thus far. Answers like “try to get another part time job” or “create a debt snowball” are awesome, but for our situation they don’t work. Just like recovery, no answer fits everyone.

Well, almost….Prayer works. As my wife and I sat completely dejected at the end of our class last night, our hosts Krystal and Zach came over and offered comfort and prayed with us.

Don’t let the world close in on you so much that you can’t hear the prayers of the one’s around you that care.

-Rise Up!!

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