Goodbye Budaj!


Yes, I am talking about hockey. Humor me for a few sentences and I’ll do my best to connect the dots.

So this year the Kings’ #1 goalie went down with a knee injury. His back-up went down as well, meaning that a minor league goalie was brought up at the last minute. Peter Budaj (pronounced “boo-die”) came in and gave a yeoman’s effort winning 27 games and getting 7 shutouts along the way. Really, quite a bit more than should be expected from a third-string goalie in the twilight of a rather pedestrian career. But this year was different and he really stood out. In fact, he came close to an All-Star Game appearance. Then after 59 games Jonathon Quick made his return to net and within two days the backup was put on waivers and Budaj was traded.

Life is strange. I often just cruise through thinking that everything is just fine only to find out the “management has decided to go in a different direction.”

My point is this: what we do matters. It might not matter in the the way we think or even to the people we are trying to impress, but it still matters. Budaj could have hung up his skates a few years ago and quite frankly, not many people would have even noticed. Instead he accepted his demotion, put in the hard hours in the minor leagues, then made the most of his opportunity when it arose. Now he has gone from third string, to fill-in backup, to starter. he was doing his best to fill a role and then things just kept going right. Don’t quit fighting for the good things in life.


-Rise Up!!!

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