First of all: thank you all for reading last week’s posting, it was numerically our best post to date and I really appreciate seeing the comments from those who read it.

Since so many did read it, it should come as no surprise that last week was a bit of a storm. This morning finds me in a more peaceful place even though I am sitting in front of the same glowing screen in the same cozy studio as before. What is the difference?


I was sitting in a Men’s Open Share Group at Celebrate Recovery this week and someone used the phrase “forgive and forget”. I try to do that frequently, but there are times where I forget the most important ingredient in the recipe. You guessed it: grace.

One time I baked brownies and forgot to add oil. I had no idea what an effect it would have. There I was thinking that the cocoa, flour, and sugar would give me what I was looking for, but the unlikely ingredient – oil – made the brownies look good from a distance, but taste and feel awful when I tried to eat them.

When I look at my life as a recipe of forgive and forget it seems to be fabulous. From across the room I might be all smiles, but inside something isn’t quite right. When I forgot to add oil my brownies turned into chocolate sludge. When I forget to add grace my Forgive and Forget turns into a batch of Remember and Resent. Yuck!

So here’s to brownies! Today is a great day to add oil, use a generous helping of grace, and…

-Rise Up!!!

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