Last week I was sick…

I went to a hockey game with my family and my beloved Kings lost, so I was sick over that. Then I caught the creeping crud that has been making the rounds in Ridgecrest the past few weeks (or more truthfully it caught me!) and again, I was sick. I spent most of the week in bed wishing for the sickness to just take me or leave me, but to quit trying to strike up a long-term relationship with me!

I did all the right things. I prayed. I had others pray. I took the medicines. I drank the fluids. I got the rest. I called my daughters who are doctors. I even binge-watched lots of television. None of it worked. NONE OF IT!!! I stayed sick all week.

Then it happened…things began to change. I woke up on Friday and I was feeling a little better; then Saturday a little better than that; and each day since – better still.

Healing rarely happens instantaneously. Most of the time, even though we are doing the right things we need to give it time to work. Taking the medicine wasn’t the hard part; waiting for it to work was. Getting rest wasn’t the hard part; getting enough of it was. Drinking the fluids wasn’t the hard part; waiting for my body to use them was. Submitting myself to prayer wasn’t the hard part; accepting the slow answer was.

I’ll always be illin’ from something. That isn’t the hard part; taking the time and effort to heal is.

-Rise Up!!!

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