Happy New Year and all that stuff…!

Here it is the 3rd of January and I’ve already taken down Christmas decorations and put up New Year expectations. It is fairly common for people to use the change of the year as a turning point or an impetus for change. New Year’s Resolutions surround us. There are certainly dozens and dozens of good reason for why this happens, but it still strikes me as a bit ridiculous.


I sat in meetings in November and December thinking to myself “Let’s do that in January…fresh start in a new year.” All that is is denial. It’s putting it off for later so that I don’t have to do it now. And all these expectations for things to change because there’s a different digit at the end of the date is just plain silly. Here’s the truth, folks: life doesn’t carry a calendar! It doesn’t know that it is supposed to act differently because of some arbitrary tally of days. The good will happen and so too will the bad. That’s just the way it works.

So I am glad that we had a festive weekend with parades and football and a day off from work, but the reality is that today is ostensibly the same as yesterday and tomorrow. Let’s live in the now and get things done. Have a great 2017 and..

-Rise Up!!!

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