I spent a portion of my Sunday at a show here in beautiful Ridgecrest. We were visited by Jake Hamilton who brought a drummer, a wall of sound, and unbridled passion. It was pretty amazing to witness.

There were so many things to take in at the rare Ridgecrest event. The outer edges of the venue were lined with various vendors offering things from food to books and everyone was giving parts of their proceeds to the RiHOP prayer house. A melting pot of area congregations was swirling in front of the stage and in the seating areas. Artists were busy expressing their experience through paint at the side of the stage. A multitude of ages joined together in worship. It was pretty awesome to witness.

So with all of this happening it might present some difficulty in boiling it down to a single episode or thought to put on the trusty blog, but for me there was a singular lasting thought that Jake spoke from the stage fairly early into the evening. He said “The greatest door in our faith is doubt.” Wow, that really made me stop and think. I’ve been mulling it throughout the night and into this morning. It can be so easy to give in and let my doubt become the foundation for my wall. The “I can’t” and “they won’t” statements are the brick and mortar for my failures and lack of action. I need to focus on those doubts and hit them head on. By breaking through the doubt with faith I not only get to the other side of them, but I also get rid of the doubt.

This morning I am encouraging us all to look for those doorknobs and hinges of doubt. Together we can get through them and I know that it’s beautiful outside!

-Rise Up!!!

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