Front Row

I spent some time in San Diego this past week. I probably don’t need to tell you that it is pretty nice in San Diego, but just to be clear: it’s pretty nice in San Diego!

I took a road trip with my son-in-law to go see a concert at a small club, so we were in a festive mood. As we drove down the road Dave did some research about the musician that would be opening the show. It turns out that it was a guy who has been in several projects throughout the years and plays a variety of styles, so we weren’t exactly certain what to expect.

The venue is a very intimate setting called the Casbah. I noticed the capacity was 132, so to label it as small is not an understatement. I made my way through the room and found a spot right next to the stage. I mean right next to it. I could literally touch the musicians if I had chosen to. This was a a great vantage point to witness a great guitarist (Doyle Bramhall II) and really see what he was doing. So I stayed on the side of the stage even though it was difficult to hear the vocals. The opening act blew my mind. He was fantastic and gracious. It turned out to be the first ever public performance by this band even though he has been in a major hit making band in the past. But as good as my location was I only stayed there for the first two songs of the headline act. I realized that sometimes a different perspective can make a huge difference.

As I watched the show from the back of the room I found that I could not see as well through the people in front of me, but I was able to hear with so much more clarity. Sometimes we think we know something then find out that with a change in perspective the whole experience is different. Sometimes people think they know us because they’ve taken an up close look at our past, but when they move back they actually get a better perspective on our lives.

So here’s to music; here’s to perspective; and here’s to recovery! Don’t be afraid to rethink your position from time to time.doylebiijpg

-Rise Up!!

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