That Paul had scales on his eyes, THIS Paul has scales on his mind…more accurately, under his feet.

If you follow my Facebook feed you probably already know that  I fell victim to the dreaded “pink box” on Thanksgiving. Actually, my fall from grace began before that, but this past weekend highlighted that I need to evaluate my eating again. As I already stated I began my revelry in the middle of a pink bakery box. 6 donuts later I was in mid-season form. As if that weren’t good enough (and by golly don’t you think it should have been?) I went to breakfast on Saturday and had somewhere north of 2000 calories! To say I was out of control would be a major understatement.

So I traded my pink box for a blue chip! I went to the gym yesterday and amid the post holiday weekend mayhem boldly stepped onto a scale – 10 lbs over my low mark from last month. I know that it’s never too late to get back on the wagon. So that ‘s what I’m doing. Today is day one on my 15 lb loss goal. Don’t let the pitfalls become the end of the road.

-Rise Up!!

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