I guess I write this with my Pastor in mind. I’m sitting in front of the glowing screen weighing the options for what to write on the Monday before Thanksgiving.There are lots of options: I could write about my LA Kings beating the Ducks and laying a claim to first place in the division (redemption, never give up); I could write about our baptism service at church yesterday (renewal); I could write about the star logo I had to use on my Facebook page last week because my Steelers lost to Eric Kauffman’s Cowboys (living with the consequences of bad choices and still surviving)… So many options, but only one short blog!

I decided to take a look at traditions though. If you go to the RCA go! channel on YouTube you can watch the message from a week or two ago (check early November 2016 if you are reading this at a later date!). Pastor Todd talked about the time-honored tradition of sitting around the table and sharing the things for which we are thankful. PT declared from the stage that he did not like this activity (so this blog just might be about surviving bad choices).  Then later that week I was having dinner and heard him bring it up again in front of his lovely wife (so this blog might be about renewal). Now this week he revisited the idea as he recapped the message series so far (never give up?)! So I suppose it’s no surprise that I have traditions and Todd on my mind this lovely Monday morning.

I happen to agree with him wholeheartedly. I get the meaning of what he is saying. Our traditions need to be about more that just what we have always done. They need to have a purpose beyond just the repetition of an activity. Let me give an example: every Thanksgiving I watch the Dallas Cowboys play a football game. That’s the tradition. But I don’t do it to see them win, I always watch and hope with all my might that they lose. That’s the meaning! So as you sit at the dinner table and spin the calendar of your mind to come up with something to be thankful for in front of the whole family remember to be real, remember to be honest, remember to be heartfelt, and remember Pastor Todd: don’t complain!


-Rise Up!!

2 thoughts on “Tradition

  1. A question I’ve had for a long time now… i made it thru adverse childhood experiences. I’ve made it thru it all… then one day I made the mistake of my lifetime.

    The question? Did I indeed survive or am I a walking casualty?

    The way you worded it here today, gives me hope. I have survived the storm of such a bad choice. I am on the other side of a bad choice. Surviving bad choices!

    I’m turning my life around, believe it or not. God knows. Better choices today.

    I’m getting my mind renewed by the spirit of the living God.

    The question, the thought, “I didn’t survive adverse childhood experiences”, because I crossed the line in adulthood thru compulsive behavior.

    The answer today, thanks Paul, is that I have survived!!!! No longer in the forest of bad habits. Choosing the right over the wrong. Now that’s a survivor!

    There is hope for the hopeless.



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