Sometimes the question “Why?” is the one that takes the most prominent position in my mind.

I found myself asking this after an election. Perhaps I especially ask it after this election due to the results or the aftermath… but this isn’t about that.

I often ask it when my team loses. I asked it often yesterday following a succession of losses…but this isn’t about that.

I frequently ask it at work. I keep asking it this morning as I fight my way through the 100+ chairs stacked in my office this morning…but this isn’t about that.

By now you can see that I have a “Why?” chromosome. I’m not always sure why things are happening the way that they are. I’m not always sure why I should keep fighting the same battles over and over. I’m not always sure why I should get get out of bed in the morning just to fall into the same routine. I’m not always sure…and there are times when I’m not even sure.

I don’t have all the answers. If that’s what you need or what you are expecting, this blog will most likely be a huge disappointment to you. All I can do is ponder with the pixels on the screens, and for this, the best I can come up with is that someone is watching. I never know for certain who they are, but I’m convinced that we all have them watching. Now don’t take this as some sort of conspiracy theory rant, it isn’t that. Nor is it paranoia. It’s just the knowledge that I was watching someone to see how to get through. Now it’s my turn. I’ve got to just put my head down and walk into the storm. And know that at least if I grow weary, for today I’ve got a chair in which to sit!

-Rise Up!!!

One thought on “Why?

  1. Thanks for sharing, buddy. I have pondered that question quite a lot the last few years. The answer I’ve come up with is that we continue on because that’s just what we do. It’s the human condition. At the very core, when you strip away belief systems and cultural expectations, you’re left with just a person and his (or her) daily struggle. That’s the beauty and the tragedy of it.


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