Cubs Win!

I will be among the first to admit that the road to recovery can often run uphill for a l-o-n-g time. At times it feels like there is no progress or that the progress made isn’t worth the effort expended.

And then the Cubs win the World Series after a 108 year nap…

It’s a bit of a cliché to say that “nothing worth having is easy”. I firmly believe that all cliché is built around a kernel of truth. The struggles in my journey are what add the sweetness to my growth. I was a long-suffering Kings fan for my entire life and then I got my 2012. There were thousands of Bostonians who lived through Buckner’s legs in order to get their 2004. Feels like the right time for another cliché, doesn’t it? You don’t lose when you fall, you lose when you don’t get back up. Theo Epstein followed Boston in 2004 with Chicago in 2016 (can you say Epstein/Cleveland 2028?!?). The Kings backed up 2012 with 2014.

I guess the message is this: never quit, never surrender and…

-Rise Up!!!


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