What a week it has been for your old pal the Minister of Mocha! I took four trips out of town in five days. Traveling has always been a part of the equation in my life, but this last week was a doozy. It began with an unplanned visit to a doctor out of town that yielded more questions than answers, plus another trip for more tests this week. Then we got into the fun stuff. We spent a magical evening at the Hollywood Bowl enjoying the music of Tom Jones and Van Morrison for Bev’s birthday. Saturday saw us taking in the first play of the season at the Ahmanson Theater followed with a boys trip to watch the Red Bull Air Race season finale in Las Vegas with my grandsons and son-in-law Dave. All of that was sandwiched around Celebrate Recovery on Friday night. Whew!

Most of it was planned, yet all of it produced an unexpected episode or result. The uncertainty of questions and the search for answers with doctors can be a stressful adventure. We aren’t always sure what will happen on stage when we go to the theater and “A View from the Bridge” was certainly no exception. (Spoiler alert: the play ends with blood raining down on the stage and soaking the entire cast; it was like we were seeing “Carrie”) We never expected Tom Jones to be as great as he was. And the Air Race never began due to high winds so we spent the day in the sun and wind and didn’t get to enjoy the show. All of these things are true. But the biggest surprise of my week didn’t happen at those events. The biggest came on Friday night.

I was not really expecting anything special or different on Friday. Our worship practice went well, then the actual worship set was all disjointed and wonky. My lesson just didn’t quite flow the way that I wanted. There was an annoying echo and ring in my microphone. But again, these are not surprises. The best part was when my large group was over and we were headed into our small groups. I was approached by a man who reached into his pocket to retrieve a metal coin. It was his battle coin. He had kept it with him through four deployments to battle areas. He had cleaned the blood from it but we both knew that it had been there. As he placed it in my hands he told me that when it was given to him the Chaplain had told him to keep it with him at all times and then when he found a person who made a difference, to give it to them. It seems that CR has been making a difference in his life and he bestowed it upon me. I have never been honored like that.

Sometimes we feel like quitting. Sometimes people storm into our days and lives and just cause havoc. Then God gives us that ray of light. Sometimes we get a warm fuzzy. Sometimes we get a smile. Sometimes we get a simple coin. It’s out there folks and that’s why we keep on keeping on.

-Rise Up!!!

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