My Plans

“Paul, you are always on the go!” That’s what I heard the other day as I came home. My wonderful mother-in-law Betty was commenting on my busy schedule. As I sit back and look at it I can see that she’s right. It feels normal to me, but when I really think about it, I can see that I fill my days and nights with activity.

Yesterday was no different. I hit the ground rolling – really, I got up an hour early in order to get in a bike ride before I went in to work. I didn’t do it because I hate sleep. I didn’t even do it because I like riding my bike, although that was part of it. My main reason was for Monday Night Football and all of the food that would be a part of it.

My Steelers were playing so I made Primanti Brothers sandwiches to celebrate. I had three pounds of pastrami waiting for the festivities! I kept busy at work so that I could leave early enough to see the entire game. I even had to reschedule a video shoot because I knew I would have a house full of rowdy football fans.

Then my plans got altered. One non-family member showed up. We sat in a living room filed with empty seats. We walked to a fridge that stayed stocked with soda. We grazed on three pounds of pastrami. It was not what I had envisioned.

But it was what it was. Life is recovery, pretty much always! It was hard not to see the negatives in the evening, but I focused on the positives. There was PLENTY of food and I had gotten in enough extra exercise that I was able to have TWO sandwiches and had bread on both! My Steelers won! My youngest grandson came and was decked out in his Steelers gear. I gave one guy a place to be with company and fellowship. I know what I am having for lunch (for the next week!)

No, life doesn’t always play out according to my plans and visions. But there’s always something worthwhile in the details. So if you find yourself bored on a Monday night, give me a call, because I might be as well, and I can probably find you a seat, a meal, a game, and some company.

-Rise Up!!!

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