Piles of Miles

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that this past weekend OU lost (while being ranked #3) and Texas won (against #10). Hook ‘Em Horns! (That’s for you Kayleigh!)

And now, this…

I-40… Last week on a Monday morning I began my western trek. As anticipated we racked up over 2000 miles of this great country. I got to navigate through downtown Little Rock trying to find a restaurant we found on Yelp! only to find that it had closed when we arrived. I got to go to the wrong Mexican restaurant in Oklahoma City (my fault because I turned into the wrong parking lot when I saw Zapata’s Mexican Grill. Best food mistake I ever made, BTW). I got to hydroplane while towing a trailer in a downpour in Amarillo. I got to lock up the brakes and skid while changing lanes on the freeway in Albuquerque (while driving into the setting sun). It was an adventure!

But think back to last week’s blog. I wrote that as I drove down the Interstate in Tennessee. Now before you go all Facebooky on me, I dictated as my darling wife wrote it on my iPhone then uploaded it for me, so we stayed safe! But in that post I speculated about the things that would transpire in the week to come. Here we are, pretty much where I expected to be. Not all of the details were known, but the the basic outline held up.

That’s how it usually goes folks. Recovery is a giant adult coloring book. They give us the pictures in line art and we create the details. Heck, we can even add lines if we want. So grab some pens, or pencils, or crayons. Choose a page that interests you. Now color in your recovery!

-Rise Up!!!

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