On the Road

As I watched the sunrise in Nashville I knew I’d see it set somewhere over the plains of Oklahoma. We are on a three day cross-country trek complete with U Haul trailer, in-laws in the back seat, outlaws in the front seat, forecasting rain as we go. It should be fun. It should be an adventure. But then again, who knows? We could run into tornadoes, we could blow out of tires, we could bed down in a roach  motel! 

Recovery and road trips share the same elements of mystery. We may know where we’re going; we may even think we know how we’re going to get there. We may have hopes, dreams, plans, and aspirations. We may have spent a long time working out the perfect plan. And then life happens! And that’s the beautiful part. 

See you when I see you! 

-Rise Up!!

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