A Huge Messi…

Does your life ever resemble a huge mess? Mine does quite frequently.Sometimes it seems like I just can’t get anything right no matter how hard I try. And then, at other times, I get on a roll where I feel invincible. Life, right?

I move through my allotment of days working my steps in order to make a better, healthier me. Some say “practice makes perfect”, others claim that “perfect practice makes perfect”. I say “there is no perfect”!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been following and rooting for the home squad in the Copa America Centenario. The US National Men’s Team did better than most expected by finishing in 4th place after a hard fought game with Columbia, but the class of the tournament were ChilĂ© and Argentina. These two powerhouses clashed for the second time in a row to determine the champion of the Americas. And once more, it came down to a zero-zero tie that went into penalty kicks to decide the winner.

Before you jump in on how a scoreless tie is why soccer is a horrible sport, save your breath and know that you are wrong! (The thing that makes the Beautiful Game horrid is all the flopping by the players!!!) Argentina has a full roster of world class players, but their featured star, their #10 is Lionel Messi. He is generally regarded as, if not the best player in the world, at least in the top two. So when he stepped up to the mark to take the first penalty kick for his team and country there was a swell of hope that ran throughout the western hemisphere from MetLife Stadium in New Jersey all the way to Tierra del Fuego. For the first time in his storied career this futbol giant was about to finish the task and hoist a major international trophy. As Messi struck the ball to the goal keeper’s left as the keeper dove to protect the right side. And then the unthinkable happened – Messi, the best in the world, sailed the ball over the crossbar and into the crowd!

Why do I tell this story in a recovery blog? I do it to illustrate that no matter how great I am doing, I can always make a mistake. No matter how certain I am of my success on the horizon, I can always trip on a stone at my feet. We don’t welcome the failure, but we know it may happen. And hopefully we learn from it; we let it make us stronger; and we keep on keeping on.

-Rise Up!!!

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