Happy Father’s Day! Yes, for this guy, it was.I spent the weekend with my kids and grand kids. I a great time at church listening to some men from our congregation talking about how they navigate through the tough parts of being a dad. I even got a really cool gift in a “Man Crate”, but that’s a story for another time. One of the most enjoyable parts of my weekend was watching another Bay Area team host a championship party for the visiting team. Being a life-long fan of LA area sporting teams, I have definitely heard my share of “Beat LA” chants so I enjoy rooting against any team from that area.

But more intriguing than the “mighty” Warriors losing was the fact that “lowly” Cleveland has broken a streak that reaches back to 1964. This is the first championship (from the four major North American sports) for the city since the Browns won an NFL championship (before there was even a Superbowl!) The people of Cleveland, and North East Ohio for that matter, have been dubbed losers due to the inability of their profession sports teams to finish out a championship. There have been moments where they could see the gold ring, but never could quite get over the hump and after each failure their teams fell back into a morass of mediocrity for years on end. Perhaps the greatest heartbreak was having the Browns leave town and then win two Superbowls in Baltimore.

So how did they do it? They believed that one day, some how, some way it would happen. Every year in training camp your guys are brimming with potential and the thought “This is the year” runs rampant.You must keep the faith!

The same holds true in my recovery. How did I get to the place where my face no longer lies buried in the muck and mire? I believed that the day would come when I could hold my head high. I knew that my Jesus wasn’t goofing around when He made His sacrifice. That was done so that I wouldn’t have to, because on my own I COULDN’T do it. There are times where we might put together a nice string of sobriety. We may even have the chips to show our progress. But sometimes we falter. Sometimes we go back to that “One Day” chip. But we are never out until we quit. As long as we are in the game, we have an opportunity to succeed.

Keep reaching for those stars. Become your own #Believeland!

-Rise Up!!!

One thought on “#Believeland

  1. Nicely composed, and as a Clevelander I would have expected a championship to come from the Indians before the Cavs basketball team. Pleased nonetheless, it’s about time we have a banner to raise! I believe it will happen for Cleveland baseball and football too. Thanx for posting!


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